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Wave Ceramic Collection
Sustainable ceramic

Stack & Store sustainably - stack and organize for your personal need is the idea behind our design of the Wave Collection. Wave is designed by Susanne Lübech & Josefine Vestergaard, Lübech Living and their idea was to make a few designs that could fulfill many needs in the kitchen, the office and the bathroom - and the result was the Wave Collection.

We love to experience how our many customers are using the Wave Collection in so many different ways meeting their exact need. Go ahead and mix for your need!

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The Wave collektionen is sustainably manufactured. All the items are handmade, the energy for the kilns comes from internal solar panels and all the water from the production is reused to water the fields in the nearby areas. The same sustainable principles as for the Wave Collection is current for the rest of the OOhh ceramic products. Find more inspiration to the rest of the OOhhx ceramic collection Here