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Votives & Pear candles

Know them for their purity - Vance Kitira Timber® Candles
Are you aware that when you choose a Vance Kitira Timber® lys then you get the most clean candle in the market? Vance Kitira Timber® Candles 1) are made from REACH certified premium food grade paraffin 2) are emission tested and certified by the SGS Laboratory with the result, that there are no detectable carcinogens emitted 3) has passed the SGS Laboratory soothing test with the finest result in the market - a soothing procent as low as 0,01%. The scale is between 0 and 0,1%. 

In addition to a certified clean candle you get a candle known for its unique glow, exceptionel long burn hours and available in the most beautiful colors. 'Light your candles with care for your family and the environment' - Vance Kitira. 

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