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Allergy-friendly candles

Looking for a cozy moment with clean candles?
A Thai forester and his certified clean candles made from food grade paraffin candles

Are you aware that there is a huge difference in the common name we use for ‘Candles’? The commonly used word ‘Candle’ is actually used for all types of candles whether they are produced from paraffin, stearin, soy, beeswax, palm wax etc. And paraffin is not just paraffin. There is a large number of different qualities – from the bad and dirtiest quality to the finest most refined quality which is known as the food grade paraffin.

Food grade paraffin is best associated with the rind surrounding the cheese we eat but it’s also what makes chocolates like M&M’s shine and it’s used as starch in cakes etc. When Vance Kitira started making candles 27 years ago he actively chose to use food grade paraffin since he wanted to offer people a clean alternative to the candles in the market at that time. Professional speaking food grade paraffin is too good for the production of candles but not to Vance Kitira. He always strives to offer the best and most clean product based on a health as well as an environmental perspective. Vance Kitira’s Timber candles are tested at the SGS laboratory in France and they are tested free from any carcinogenic substances and also certified with the lowest soothing percentage in the market only 0,01%. People with both asthma and allergies can with great joy use the Vance Kitira Timber Candles. The candles are environmentally friendly and all poured by hand.       


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Are you aware that Timber Candle is a registred Trademark? That the Timber Candles are tested and certified clean? That all Timber Candles are hand held and through colored? That the candles are made with 100% cotton wicks? And that the candles are available in 42 beautiful colors and 12 sizes? And that as a result of the clean food grade paraffin we achieve extraordinary long burn hours? A candle is not just a candle. For your health and the health of your family it makes an important difference to choose a clean candle in terms of your indoor climate and health. On the following link you find great inspiration for candle holders: Candle holders and tealight holders