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Laminated Paper Bags / Bread Basket

UASHMAMA Paper lution for all kinds of storage…big or small. Use the washable UASHMAMA paper bags for food serving, storage of toys, socks, underwear, yarn, toiletries, writing articles, plants, sorting of recyclables etc. The paper bags fit into any room in the house and they are all food grade approved and washable. The bags are available in 9 different sizes and a number of colors. The great UASHMAMA storage solutions give you the opportunity to integrate storage into your home decoration.

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The UASHMAMA paper bags is perfectly usuable in each room of the house, apartment, in the summer house, on the boat etc. Do you have a restaurant or hotel the bags are ideal for serving, as they are food safe and washable. Just as the bags are perfect for hair dressers, beauty salon etc. If you sell specialties - then remember the paper bags er certified food safe. Find more inspiration for you table setting and interior decoration with UASHMAMA: Table setting with UASHMAMA